Name giving ceremony of 2’300m3 TSHD „LESSE“

On the 23rd of May 2019, the third consecutive trailing hopper dredger, building No.803/CO1295, for Dutch Dredging received her name “Lesse” at an official ceremony in MTG Dolphin Shipyard, Varna.

The vessel is an improved version of the previously built “Albatros” and “Mahury” and is designed to maintain sea and inland waterways, as well as to perform land reclamation. The hopper dredger is equipped with the latest electronic system for positioning, sounding and execution of dredging work. With a dredging depth of 30m below the waterline and a hopper capacity of 2 300 m3, the LESSE is extremely efficient and can be deployed worldwide. Special attention is given to the reduction of the operational costs, which is achieved by designing the ship for a maximum uptime, by applying more wear resistant materials and by deploying maintenance free equipment on board.

Name giving ceremony of tug “ALCOR” took place at the Port of Varna on 02/06/2017

The official ceremony for the name giving of a new tugboat, built by “MTG Dolphin” Shipyard, took place at the Port of Varna on 2nd of June 2017.
The ship is built for Navigation Maritime Bulgare plc. under the supervision of Bureau Veritas and will sail under Bulgarian flag.
“ALCOR” is 27.6 m in length and is powered by two Caterpillar engines, each with a capacity of 1800 hp. The vessel is furnished with two rotating Azipod Drives enabling to manoeuvre even in tricky conditions, and has a Bollard Pull of 40 tons.“ALCOR” is able to carry both port and sea towage, having unrestricted navigation class notation.

See recently named 1’840 m3 TSHD “Mahury”



Fourth dredger TSHD “Mahury” was named after official ceremony at MTG Dolphin Shipyard on 29th of October

A short official ceremony took place at MTG Dolphin Shipyard on 29th October for the Name giving of 1’840m2 TSHD “Mahury”. 

The ship is designed to maintain waterways, sea and inland waterways, as well as to participate in land reclamation. Dredging depth bellow waterline is 30 meters and the hopper capacity is 1 840 m3. The vessel is equipped with the newest electronic system for positioning, sounding and execution of dredging work.

Designing and equipment of “Mahury” are directed at the optimization of the crew, reducing its number to 8 people.

The vessel will be delivered to the Shipowner end of 2015.



Name giving ceremony of BN 901/ “ITALENI”

On 18/6/2014 at MTG Dolphin Shipyard took place the Name giving ceremony of “ITALENI”. The vessel is self-propelled 750 cubic meters Grab Hopper Dredger, built by order of IHC Global Production for Transnet National Ports Authority of South Africa.

Length (OA): 62 m       
Length (BP): 59 m       
Width: 15 m       
Depth: 4.5 m       
Hopper volume: 750 m³

The vessel, as Mrs. Ncumisa Nkanunu, the godmother, explained at the ceremony, was named after a famous battle between the Voortrekkers and the Zulus during the period of the Great Trek which took place in Italeni.

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