Modification of Dock III is successfully completed!

The work included upgrade of ballast system in order to double its capacity, by installing new pump room and upgrading of the old. Total length of pipes renewal exceeded 6 000 m.

Application of silicone A/F, full blasting and painting of cargo hold, upgrade in the accommodation and galley and class renewal items, has been successfully completed.

We wish her Owners, Managers and Crew Fair Winds, Three feet under the keel and many successful voyages!

Another successful installation of BWTS during routine dry-docking

BWTS Erma First has been successfully installed on m/v “Pax”, managed by Orion Reederei GmbH & Co. KG during class renewal survey at our shipyard. The works included also modification of stern tube sealing, with installation of Lagersmit seals, and blasting and painting of cargo holds.

All works have been successfully completed in 21 calendar days.

Busy beginning of 2017 at MTG Dolphin Shipyard

2017 has started in full steam at MTG Dolphin Shipyard. New projects, highest workload and many contracts.

Five subsequent repairs of vessels of the Canadian FEDNAV company in MTG Dolphin Shipyard and the sixth on its way in February 2017.

“There is a tendency for extreme raise of workload in 2017, so the Shipyard expects very dynamic year. We have repaired 50 ships in 2016 and we will have more than 60 in 2017” – says Ivan Botev, the Production Director at MTG Dolphin.

There is one Latvian bulk carrier for repair and a Bulgarian one is coming soon. The repairs of ships, managed by “Anglo – Eastern Ship Management” – Hong Kong, “Navibulgar” – Bulgaria and “Mediterranean Shipping Company” (MSC) have been already agreed.

„The busy schedule is due to the slight raise of the portage level, as well as to the undoubtedly good reputation of MTG Dolphin, made through the years. We have envisaged the workload jump and we are completely ready to handle the work” – says Ivan Botev.

For eleven years now, the shipbuilding team handles unique technical challenges with professionalism, experience and successful ideas.
There will be plenty of new shipbuilding projects in 2017, and the schedules are made up to the end of 2018.

June 2016, Floating dock No 1 of MTG- Dolphin” Shipyard Repair of Ro-Ro vessel ,,Maestro Sea’’

A wide range of services have been carried out during the dry dock period of the vessel.
Except for the standard dry dock services such as underwater maintenance and survey, measurements on the propeller and rudder systems, grit blasting and painting , number of additional maintenance services were performed:

  • Hydro blasting of decks

  • Steel renewals of hull structures

  • Overhauling of main and auxiliary engines

  • Maintenance of pumps and valves

  • Electrical works – overhauling of generator and el. motors, renewal of cathodic protection anodes

  • Pipe works – renewal of ballast and AE cooling system pipes

  • Repairs of propeller shafting and rudder blade system

  • NDT (Vacuum, water tightness, pressure) and load tests, Etc.


M/v Pacific Breeze successfully left MTG Dolphin Shipyard after drydock repair. “Many thanks for good and professional Dry Docking repair for your team”, says in his letter of appreciation the Elyson Ship Management Fleet Director.

Today m/v Pacific Breeze successfully left Shipyard and passed all sea trials without remarks and complaints. I would like to express my personal thanks for Shipyard Production and Estimation Department which carried out very good work and completed all repairs as per signed contract.
As Managers of m/v Pacific Breeze we received all estimations and evaluations for Dry Dock Specification in time. During Dry Docking repair we had many additional items which were requested by the Register. Estimation department gave all prices in time and as per Shipyard price list. No additional ” unexpectable” prices were given for additional items. All additional items were evaluated as per Shipyard price list. We appreciate this good practice which allowed to save up on Owners budget.

The Estimation department did good work, which allowed to complete all repairs in time.
Many thanks for repair Managers…
Myself personally carried out many dry docking repairs in various countries. But your Shipyard and your repair Mangers have been best in my list.

All Engineering jobs and additional items which we gave to Shipyard were solved in time and with good Engineering practice. Master and crew passed many thanks … for good team work. Many thanks for good and professional Dry Docking repair for your team. Hope will see you soon with new repair project.
Thanks & Kind Regards
Vladimir Lemkin
Fleet  Director
Elysion Ship Management Ltd